Sunday, July 28, 2013

Things Swifties Say

The Style Affect (A look back of all of harry styles girlfriends)

Hello Directioners, im so sorry i havent posted in awhile. Thank you for all the views.

Hello Directioners, im so sorry i havent posted in awhile. Thank you for all the views.

So today/tonight/afternoon me and my friend wanted to shown you the concept of "the Style Affect" basically that means the every ex girlfriend of harry's is lesbian.....

 so here is alittle flashback to the girls that had harolds heart.

felicity skinner:

A school mate of harry's that had a relationship in 2010. According to the stunning blond, she was "he's first love". Her Friend Live introduced the two when they where both about 15.

so i found this Youtube video of her getting alittle close with some friends

 Caroline Flack:
Don't we all love Caroline?
nah not at all......
Anyway, her and the curly flirt in December 2011. The two broke by multilateral dissection.
She soon became lesbian....

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Is “I knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift , About Harry Styles? Is “Over Again” About Taylor?

Hey,Directioners! Before I start I would like to thank you for all the views my last post got! MASSIVE THANK YOU as One Direction would say it! ;)

“I Knew You Where Trouble” By Taylor Swift is a very expressive song about her ex boyfriend, and how she knew she was going to get hurt. The music video is a representation of her broken heart over that boy. Is that boy Harry Styles? Today (December 19) he got a tattoo with Taylor, the same "tall ship"-like tatoo of the boy inTaylor’s music video for the song.(Harry's right and the boys left)

In the music video there is a scene where Taylor is getting a tattoo and comforting the boy. Just as she did today with Harry!here is the link to the music video:

It was rumored a couple of months before they walked through Central park that they did date, it was also rumored that he cheated on Taylor (I don't think this is true).
The album that the song “I Knew You Where Trouble” was on is “Red”, October 22nd. The album “Take Me Home” (TMH)was released on November 9th. The couple then started publicly going out in December. Could a song from TMH change her mind about him? Looking through the songs of TMH, we think that “Over Again” sounds like the type of song that would beg for Taylor's forgiveness. “Its not joke to me, so can we do it all over again?” ,“I will give you all my heart so we can start all over again?”, and “You'll never know how to make it on your own, never show weakness for letting go?”. Sounds a lot like Taylor, has she ever shown weakness for breaking up with her boyfriends? Ed Sheeran, help wright the song as it says in the album.

Did songs of hatred and love between the couple righting?
Or am I just going crazy and need to get a boyfriend?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Is Taylor Swift Really Pregnant With Harry Styles baby? Digital Forensics Says NO!

So let me get this straight. Harry got Taylor Swift pregnant? They're spotted holding hands and walking and that gets Taylor Swift pregnant with Harry Styles baby? Okay if this is legitimately true then that would every teen girl in the world that has ever held hands with a boy is pregnant? HARRY STYLES HIMSELF HAS DENIED HAYLOR 3 TIMES!!!! Doesn't he look a little sad there too or is it just me?

Even if Haylor is real, this baby bump looks photoshoped! I didn’t put the circle there that’s how it was shown in the news article. If you look very closely this photo is from 2007, American Music Awards? Hmm.... as far as I now we are in 2012? This picture is obviously altered and missrepresented as a recent picture. The pic on the right has been stretched vertically.This is obvious by the lettering and ABC logo in the background.
If that photo is not enough then you can read the news article and see for yourself that the story is wrong. This picture of Taylor being excited this week is really of her accepting an award “MTV EMA Awards 'Really? Me?' Taylor Swift wheels out her classic shocked face at MTV EMA Awards

So sorry to all the Directioners and Swifties who have been freaking out about this, its not real. Taylor Swift is not pregnant with Harry Styles baby, OR PREGNAT AT ALL ! YA!

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