Monday, December 17, 2012

Is Taylor Swift Really Pregnant With Harry Styles baby? Digital Forensics Says NO!

So let me get this straight. Harry got Taylor Swift pregnant? They're spotted holding hands and walking and that gets Taylor Swift pregnant with Harry Styles baby? Okay if this is legitimately true then that would every teen girl in the world that has ever held hands with a boy is pregnant? HARRY STYLES HIMSELF HAS DENIED HAYLOR 3 TIMES!!!! Doesn't he look a little sad there too or is it just me?

Even if Haylor is real, this baby bump looks photoshoped! I didn’t put the circle there that’s how it was shown in the news article. If you look very closely this photo is from 2007, American Music Awards? Hmm.... as far as I now we are in 2012? This picture is obviously altered and missrepresented as a recent picture. The pic on the right has been stretched vertically.This is obvious by the lettering and ABC logo in the background.
If that photo is not enough then you can read the news article and see for yourself that the story is wrong. This picture of Taylor being excited this week is really of her accepting an award “MTV EMA Awards 'Really? Me?' Taylor Swift wheels out her classic shocked face at MTV EMA Awards

So sorry to all the Directioners and Swifties who have been freaking out about this, its not real. Taylor Swift is not pregnant with Harry Styles baby, OR PREGNAT AT ALL ! YA!

Victoria Horan is the Admin of the page One Direction Come To Las Vegas and the author of The Internet Blog One Direction Come To LasVegas. She utilized the  digital forensic lab of Accurate Information Recovery Inc a Henderson NV based Cell phone forensic lab owned and opperated by Opperman Investigations Inc

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